CDNify: Speed Up Your Website

With an out of the box experience, CDNify provides a simple, high performance, and secure content delivery network for developers, startups, and agencies.
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CDNify's strategically placed POPs cover a geographical scale - Placed around the USA, Europe, and Asia, content is guaranteed to be delivered from the closest server to the end user, resulting in a super fast and overall unforgettable experience for users. 

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About CDNify
CDNify meets the different content delivery needs for freelancers, developers, startups, agencies, and enterprises.
With a super fast SSD optimised network, CDNify’s servers are accelerated to provide a 30% faster performance than legacy CDNs using regular hard drives.
CDNify makes sure that your content is securely delivered to users, no matter where they are and what device they’re using (desktop, tablet, or smartphone), each user gets the fastest experience possible.

6 Reasons CDNify is Awesome

1. Fast, dependable global network.
2. Direct peering with multiple tier-1 transit providers.
3. Built to scale, using cloud based architecture.
4. SSD Accelerated server nodes.
5. Automatic location failover and healing.
6. Redundant anycast DNS infrastructure.

Network of Servers Across the Globe

    New York, NY
    Dallas, TX
    Chicago, IL
    Seattle, WA
    Los Angeles, CA
    Atlanta, GA
    San Fransisco, CA
    Denver, CO
    Orlando, FL
    Amsterdam, NL
    Madrid, ES
    Roubaix, FR
    Milan, IT
    Frankfurt, DE
    London, GB

    Hong Kong, HK
    Chennai, IN
    Singapore, SG
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