Worthworm: How Much is Your Venture Worth? (ONLY $99)

Accurate biz valuation in just minutes! Entrepreneurs on the Shark Tank wish they had a WorthIt Report!
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Worthworm.com uses thousands of analytics, industry comps, and angel investor methods to create a credible valuation for your venture. No more guesswork.

Learn what makes you and your business so valuable!

"Take advantage of online tools like Worthworm to address pre-money valuation." - The Wall Street Journal
You can also upgrade to the Entrepreneur Plan for just a few dollars more and get access to interactive tools.

"Worthworm uses analytics to take the guesswork out of pre-money startup valuations." - generate a realistic, defensible and credible PMV." - The Street
"At last there's a software program that will show you how to minimize your risks, maximize your opportunities, and increase your business value." - VentureBeat
If you have any questions, please shoot us an email or  give us a call or mail us a letter or even send us a smoke signal and we’ll be happy to help!  
info@worthworm.com | (888) 429-2530

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